2nd Wiestor-Contest: Europeday 2024

Last year the students competed with their classes in the first Europe-Day Contest. This year it was teams. The task was to "Experience and help shape Europe". Over 100 students participated and created 44 objects that are currently shown in a Europe-exhibition at Wiestorschule. 

If you wish to visit the exhibition we will be happy to welcome you on schooldays in the afternoons. 


Volleyball project with professional team 

April 2024

"Volleyball macht Schule" - this is the name of a project by the "VfB Friedrichshafen", a local association that has been playing successfully in the first federal league for many years. Simon Stegmann and Vicenz Sutterer, two professional trainers, came to the Wiestorschule to teach our fourthgraders the basic volleyball techniques. The highlight of the project was a tournament with other local schools in which the Wiestor students were able to celebrate considerable successes: Lina and Nele came second and due to other teams who made the Top Ten, the Wiestorschule came first in the overall ranking! 

Also: Andrej and Nele received MVP awards. 

Wiestor sailing club starts season

April 2024

The new extracurricular program at the Wiestorschule includes an extraordinary highlight: the sailing club. It started in February and students were taught how to tie knots and other basics. So far the weather conditions were not good enough for them to REALLY go sailing. Now finally the season has started! On 25 April they took the boat on the lake for the first time. And this takes more than you might think: You need to work as a team and everyone has to take responsibility for the task they have been assigned. Otherwise the course of the boat will give you immediate feedback. Thus teamwork and self-efficiacy are promoted alike. 

The sailing club is made possible by the support of local associations and associations and foundations: Our thanks go to the "Regattaverein Ueberlingen", the "Segel- und Motorclub Ueberlingen" and the "Peter Kluthausen Foundation. 

Primary school assembly

April 2024

The first school assembly this school year took place on 16 April in the school gym. Together all children sang "I like the flowers". Then several classes showed what they had been working on: poems were recited and works of art shown. The school assembly is a great forum for classes to share their work and take notice of each others progresses. 

Year 8 in the European Parliament

March 2024

Teaching students about the European Union has long since been an important concern of the Wiestorschule - not only in context of the Erasmus+ program. 23 students of year 8 accepted the invitation to visit the European Parliament in Straßbourg for the EUROSCOLA program. They met Roberta Metsola (though only via videocall), caught insights into the work of an MEP and took part in an interactive workshop.

Festival of Lights 2024

December 2023

A decade ago the Festival of Lights used to be a beloved Wiestor tradition. After years of pausing it was reinstated in 2024. This year it was celebrated on 14 December. 

The athmosphere was set by a musical start: Yuletide and Christmas songs were played and sung. Apart from the great variety of food and drinks that were offered there was a special highlight: "glow football": Players were marked with glowing bracelets and played with a fluerescent balls. 

Now Christmas can come! 

Autumn Fair 2023

October 2023

For the first time since 2023 the traditional autumn fair is finally back! It is the highlight of a project week in which students carry out projects in their classes: art projects, autumn themed projects (all about apples & pumpkins) but also political projects and even a musical.  

Results could be seen in various exhibitions and performances at the autumn festival. 

Learn more in our gallery

New school clubs at Wiestorschule

September 2023

"What's new this school year?" - "A lot!" - that's the answer you'll most likely get from our students of yrs 5-7. One afternoon a week they can choose from a variety of school clubs following their interests. 

Arts & crafts, astrology, drama, volleyball, pottery, dancing and so on. The Wiestorschule collaborates with non-school partners such as "DAV Ueberlingen" and "Turnverein Ueberlingen" - but also local artists, dancers and even the observatory.  Principal Karl Niedermann wanted to open the school and enable students to learn according to their specific interests and skills. Students greatly appreciate this, Students of year 6 say they appreciate that they can freely choose from the offers and like that they can work together with students from other classes that share their interests. 



Self-defense club practising judo moves

Bye, bye, Naomi! 

13. July 2023

"Talent im Land" is a foundation that has been supporting young talented students for 20 years, thus promoting equal educational opportunities. Naomi Petrea is one of those young talented people. Five years ago she moved with her family from Romania to Germany. Soon her teachers saw her various talents: She sings, she writes, she's interested in linguistics, arts and music, she is sporty, exceptionally sociable and always seeking to learn: Her ambition and commitment are exceptional. She was very surprised when her English teacher suggested applying for a scholarship with "Talent im Land" - but she tried and was successful! 

Two years later, Wiestorschule has to say goodbye: Naomi graduated with good results and will now go to "Droste-Hülsoff-Gymnasium" in Meersburg to take her A-levels. In her view she profited greatly from the many options for individual learning the Wiestorschule provides: "I was supported in so many ways. We received extra German lessens and I was to follow my interests and build on my strengths. I received advanced tasks in subjects, I was good in and was singer in the school band. Many teachers saw me and encouraged me to follow my path." 

20 / 21 July 2023

The promotion of democratic learning is an essential part of our curriculum. Thus we were happy to be given the opportunity to go to Bad Liebenzell for "Days of Democracy". 20 students of yr 9 went through a carefully designed program including teambuilding activities as well as the chance to learn more about participation opportunities. 



Learning and Living Democracy

Graduation 2023

We're happy, proud and a little sad - of course - to say goodbye to our graduates 2023! 

CONGRATULATIONS to 27 students of yrs 9 and 10 and GOOD LUCK! 

Graduates of yr 10

Graduates of yr 9

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